Sidra Durst in Lower East Side, New York


Sidra Durst
Sidra Durst

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  1. I think it’s absolutely inspiring that you kind of came out of your box (i.e. accounting cubicle) and are doing what you are obviously very talented and passionate about. I’m also in the finance/accounting background..itching to find a niche where I can be creative and have the same kind of euphoria.

    Bravo to you for being fierce and taking the fashion photography world by storm. It’s only time before you start rubbing elbows with Garance Dore & The Sartorialist!


  2. I’ve been taking street fashion pictures for a couple of years now, but approaching people hasn’t gotten much easier. Today, for example, I approached two people. The first said yes. The second politely declined to be photographed. “Rejections” are always tough to swallow. But it feels great when you find a willing subject!

  3. Those gorgeous curls in her hair and her painted toenails are what really put this look together for me :) Nice work!

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