I’ve been out for the last few days due to a cold that I’m still recovering, but I’m glad that I managed to go through photos from my second In The Spotlight shoot. A few days after stopping Karen on the streets, we coordinated to meet up on a beautiful Sunday to take a few photos. Karen is simply an amazingly beautiful and fun person to be around and take photos with. I’m typically a very shy person, but there’s something about her vibe that made the shoot very relaxed and comfortable. She also happened to be wearing the Michael Kors dress that she bought on the day we first met.

Karen Izaguirre
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Michael Kors Dress

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  1. Hey you,

    Wonderful photos! I don’t know about her, but you must be doing something right to make these people look so candid and comfortable in your shots. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. great shots! you are an incredible photographer!
    she looks amazing, she is really beautiful!

    Don`t like the dress so much


  3. Hi Jason,
    awwww…. I hope you’re feeling much better now! Get well soon!!
    Karen is of a wonderful and warm fascination to me. Everything on her face is inviting, pure sunshine. Her lips are soooooo amazing, as well as her charming pit marks :)
    A very sensual beauty.
    The pictures are very, very beautiful and giving a very good impression of the time you’ve spend together and of the vibe as well.
    Again, get well soon!

  4. Karen is absolutely stunning and these pictures of her are amazing. She looks flawless in that dress. Great work.

    All the best,

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