KARLA DERAS | Citizen Couture

KARLA DERAS | Citizen Couture

When I started exploring the blogosphere, Karla’s Closet was one of the first blogs that I came across where I quickly fell in love with. So naturally when I saw her with Camille from Childhood Flames, I simply called out her name and introduced myself. It was pleasant to finally meet Karla in person, and despite the harsh wind and cloud conditions, I was glad to get some good shots.

Karla Deras
Fashion Blogger

-Reconstructed Motorcycle Jacket
-Vintage Mini Dress
-Karen Walker Tortoise Sunglasses
-Aldo Embossed Strappy Pumps
-Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

  • Christina

    A much more rockin carrie bradshaw, love it

  • keira

    i LOVE her! and your pictures are killer!

  • Ktel

    Wow, flawless!

  • Regina



  • http://culturecynic.blogspot.com Chomy

    This look is Ace
    Your photos are always so beautiful!! WOW!!!

  • http://thebeautyfile.blogspot.com thebeautyfile

    Love it, love it, love it. She is just so fabulous, and so young, it’s amazing! Her sense of style is just incredible. Those glasses!

  • http://www.rhailaborte.blogspot.com Rhai Laborte

    Love her! She’s an inspiration for me!


  • karen

    Such lovely echo between the orange/black in her glasses frame and the orange writing on the black lacquered truck

  • http://yespleasemademoiselle.blogspot.com STEFANIE

    GREAT shot, really!

  • http://www.withlovegabrielle.com Marta from With Love…

    Stunning images.. she looks wonderful as always!

  • http://thecountess-novels.blogspot.com/ Thecountess

    Karla looks amazing as usual! Great blog!

  • http://laineyturnsthecameraon.blogspot.com Lainey

    She is ALL kinds of amazing! Like seriously, look at her! I never get tired of her blog. It’s definitely one of my top faves.

  • http://photodiarist.typepad.com/thephotodiarist/ The Photodiarist

    Great look. Love her blog too.

  • http://beyondbostonchic.blogspot.com/ Martini

    It’s nice to see Karla outside her blog. I very much like the way the wind flirts with her skirt.

  • Paula


  • http://godsfavoriteshoes.com God’s Favorite Shoes

    Karla is hands down one of my TOP 3 Favorite Fashion Bloggers! You are so lucky to live in NY and run into fab people on the street! I have to get in a car and drive to a certain part of town where there is a secret password to be around “fly” people!

    Just Kidding and I love love love your site! I am going to add this site to my blogroll!

  • http://minorkeys1.blogspot.com jules

    Hi Jason, thanks for the email and the heads up. I absolutely love the site; the layout is so clean and the photographs are gorgeous. I especially love this one of Karla; you are so good at capturing characters and not just great outfits.
    I don’t doubt that I will be back, and as always, be welcome at mine as well.

  • http://zlichee.livejournal.com Penny

    Her blog is the first fashion website I stumbled across too and fell in love with it right awayyy… Love the skirt <3

  • http://unstoppablestyle.blogspot.com/ santiwhitelover

    i LOVE karla! and this outfit is simply amazing. mixing leather with frilly always works!!!


  • http://unstoppablestyle.blogspot.com/ santiwhitelover

    i love karla. follow her blog like all the time!

  • MsW

    Karla rocks! She is amazing.


  • Pj

    Wow great images! I love this outfit of Karla’s. Thanks for introdicing me to your site (:

  • http://diario_de_estilo.elleblogs.es Mariona

    she is one of my favorites, She has something special and her look convinces me !!! A muaa

  • http://mystylishlittlesecret.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-want-to-get-away.html Rosa

    I love her shoes!!!!!

  • Shariefa


    i know sooo many ppl asked you about ur camera and what lense do u use…

    but plz i really need to know.. and would love to have such amazing clear shots..

    plz let me know, what brand ur camera is, lense, and anything related .. thank u sooo much

    Kuwaiti Fan


  • http://citizencouture.com citizencouture

    @Shariefa – I currently shoot with a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8. They’re typically shot in natural light, so sometimes I’ll ask them to stand in a certain location where light exposes them well.

  • http://voguishblog.blogspot.com/ Ire

    I love her! Her blog was the first fashion blog I was introduced to when I was just getting into the fashion blog world, love her style!


  • http://www.canadamodel.ca/en/ male model

    thank you forthe pictures ! :D

  • jackson

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  • http://alafemme.blogspot.com Kelly

    I love how fun her style is!!









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