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  1. holy shit, your blog is amazing. absolutely killer photos with fantab subjects. love it! thanks for your comment! macau’s a gorgeous place but extremely confused in my opinion (:

  2. Jason

    The photos of Kare are great. Her style is perfect. I didn’t even now who she was until I took so pics of here at The Tents last month because I just loved her look. I them came across some shots of her and was able to put a name to the face. Your blog is great. Please take a look at mine

    Let me know what you think


  3. Hi Jason. Thanks for your comment and for leading me to your fantastic blog! Am now following it on Bloglovin’. Am a big Lanphear fan! These photos are wonderful… One question though: Is she wearing different shades of black or navy and black? Am liking it.

  4. such a style inspiration. she’s a real icon, IMO. love how she mixes up black and navy, keeps it simple, and never looks like she’s trying too hard. perfect mix of glamour and edgy.

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