NYFW S/S10 Marina Munoz
NYFW S/S10 Marina Munoz
  • Tartan Hat
  • H&M Jeans
  • Jacket from Mexico
  • Vintage Shirt
  • Shoes designed by herself in Mexico

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  1. oh my god…. i love her little pocket square thingy and more than that i love her skin, she is beautiful…i’m loving this site by the way, glad i came across it!

  2. this inspires me in so many ways! i can’t wait to collect the proper garb this weekend to create my own version LOL!

  3. This look is mint! This is so incredibly up my alley, i can’t even begin to say how.

    Thank you for actually reading my post on models and for commenting, it’s so rare that people actually read the posts, they usually just look at the photos. And your comment was hilarious, i couldn’t stop laughing.

    I love your website, i think you’re very talented and you’ve officially become part of my RSS feed. Looking forward to see more :)

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