JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

JESSICA DANG | Citizen Couture

There is a park by my parents’ house in Queens, NY that I used to bike through because it was the only place that I was able to escape when I needed some solitude. It was an immensely large park that had hilly forest paths with an illusion that you’re in upstate New York and there were certainly times where I’d get lost. I recently went through the trails again with a friend who invited me to join her on a biking excursion. Although it was a breezy fall afternoon, my experience turned out to be more of an inspiration rather than a workout. I wish I had my camera to take a snapshot, but imagine cruising down a slightly narrow and long trail with trees surrounded besides you. The path is covered in a sea of foliage illuminated in yellow, orange, and red by a gleam of sunlight; and as you freely bike through, all you hear is the wind blowing against the trees and the rustling sound of crisp leaves under your feet.

I was hoping to capture something similar when I asked Jessica for a stroll around Central Park on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we soon realized most of the fall foliage was gone, but that didn’t put me down because Jessica is such an exquisitely beautiful person that practically filled all my photos with her warm persona. I couldn’t help but smile the day before when she was concern about what to wear. I told her to put some something she would wear on a brisk day and easily enough that was the perfect comment to inspire her to pick out this lovely ensemble.


-Prada Coat
-YSL / Saint Laurent Dress
-YSL / Saint Laurent Shoes

  • sk

    She looks lovely!! Jessica has such a fresh personna – love seeing her through a different lens!

  • Mikey McFly

    Another Great exhibition of fashion and photography… fantastic

  • Russian Doll

    WOW! What a beautiful woman!

    Is she Japanese?

  • The Photodiarist

    EXQUISITE PHOTOGRAPHS! And she is wearing a fantastic coat!

  • Karen


  • Estefan

    I love the transition between architectural and warm colored autumnal moods. The contrast of her dark ensemble and the golden dreamy nature is really eye catching.
    She looks great, I like her complexion a lot, I love the clothes she picked, very rich in textures, the jacket and the dress are to die for.
    These pictures hold a strong sense of sophistication and sensitivity. I am saving them to my folder of “things I should draw”.

  • Tien

    Fantastic photos!Jessica picked the perfect ensemble for the photo shoot.

  • Rosie

    gorgeous photos! I loved that Prada collection but couldn’t figure out what I’d do with that coat–but I love how she wears it!

  • Wrecked Stellar

    She’s so cute! Fabulous coat!

  • Amy- No. 15

    I love that coat and dress! She did a great job picking the outfit. You did a great job with the photos – I really like the light, especially the one with the pergola and the last one.

  • ej


  • Jen Laceda

    Love the entire outfit! And she’s really gorgeous! I wish I could afford her entire outfit!!

  • Le 21eme Arrondissement

    Her coat is SOOSOSOSO amazing!

  • Martini

    these are truly wonderful!

  • August Clothing

    Not only is she a beautiful woman, but you’ve captured a soft, classic elegance that is as timeless as her style. Great use of light, lovely!

  • weartogetit

    what a beauty,
    her face amazing

  • KDay

    Jessica, you look great girl! Love this shot.

  • fadetoblack

    oh lovely pictures!!!



  • Ktel

    Love the heels!!

  • phuong

    She loooks gorgeous!!!! Love her outfit!!

  • camillemm

    That coat is perfection! She seems happy and approachable, very refreshing!

  • Emily

    the detailing on the coat is awesome, and i love the dress!!!

  • Graham I. Haynes

    I’d say her last name is appropriate ;)

  • Vero

    Awesome Prorsum! Down with the YSL chic!


  • Natalie

    She looks absolutely beautiful!

  • The Fall

    These photos are really beautiful, the lighting is perfect.

  • Nina

    Amazing website. You certainly have an eye for style! I love this woman, although I’m curious as to why there are so many shots of her. It’s cool but doesn’t she have somewhere to go off to?

  • FlashFash

    She’s so gorgeus!

  • jeannie

    sweet jessica! the photos of her are lovely.

  • janey

    Why doesn’t she have eyebrows?








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