KAREN BLANCHARD | Citizen Couture

KAREN BLANCHARD | Citizen Couture

KAREN BLANCHARD | Citizen Couture

KAREN BLANCHARD | Citizen Couture

KAREN BLANCHARD | Citizen Couture

It’s interesting to see how small the world is and the limitless connection we unknowingly build everyday. During a recent holiday celebration, I spoke with a gentleman who works at Rogan NYC and he explained how he had a friend at the John Varvato Bowery shop. To my curiosity, I asked him who his friend’s name was and it coincidently turned out to be the same person that assisted me with my recent python skin hi-top Converse purchase!

I couldn’t help but notice that similar connection I build when Karen sent me a tweet asking me what kind of camera I used. And what initially started off as a twitter conversation ended with me asking her if she would be interested in taking photos as part of my “In The Spotlight” feature. I was actually familiar with Karen’s blog ever since a friend introduced it to me; so I was interested in meeting this creative fashionista myself. What I love about Karen is not only her energy, but also her ability finding vintage treasures and creating DIY items such as her studded bag. Overall, the shoot was definitely fun and I was glad that we extended our day by sitting down for a late brunch at Schiller’s, one of her favorite restaurants located in the Lower East Side.

Karen Blanchard
Fashion Blogger

-Silence & Noise Jacket
-Yesstyle.com Skull Knit Dress
-Topshop Boots
-DIY Bag
-Hat (purchase locally)

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  • http://meinsideyourhead.blogspot.com/ Eugenia

    Karen is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and these pictures are so beautiful!!! I think the location is even better- it really captures her essence of cool

  • http://photodiarist.typepad.com/thephotodiarist/ The Photodiarist

    I like her blog too! These are great photos. Are you a professionally trained photographer?

  • http://sothankfulproject.blogspot.com/ Julia

    Gorgeus pictures! Karen looks totally beautiful and this outfit is just perfect.

  • http://www.dimogonda.blogspot.com Gon

    Great! Her style looks very interesting !
    Thanks for sharing ;)


  • http://style-anywhere.com StyleAnywhere

    the photos are great!

  • Ktel

    Those boots are SICK! I love this outfit.

  • Mikey McFly

    I love women in boots… My Lord… Great photos


  • Crysti

    I love this look, her otk boots are killer. I would go sans-hat but this is exactly what pulls the look together for her. She’s working it!

  • AlyReche

    Love it..I recently spokem with her via email, she seems down to earth

  • Emily


  • http://popdisorder.blogspot.com POP DISORDER
  • http://fashionrocks-vogue.blogspot.com mila

    I am so glad you introduced me to your site!It looks great!

    I love Karen,her outfits are always so creative and inspirational.

  • http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com Francesca

    haha scoop nyc has that hat on sale and i so wanted it but my bf is sooooooo against fur….i might have to sneak back on my own after seeing this pic!

    you’re so talented!


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– 2 girls bloggin fashion from ny and chicago!

  • http://wearability.posterous.com Wearability.us

    Okay, that fuzzy hat, and the languid way in which she wears it, is absolutely fantastic. It takes balls to mix so many different elements (giant hat, over-the-knee boots, ARM WARMERS geez), but somehow she makes it work. Clearly, I need some pointers.

  • http://www.theheartbreakinc.blogspot.com Connie

    She has a wonderful blog and a truly insane sense of style. Love the skull print.

    The Heartbreak

  • http://backseatstylers.blogspot.com/ The Backseat Stylers

    Great outfit! Wish I could pull off a hat like that.

  • http://thischicksgotstyle.blogspot.com this chick’s got style

    You’re right, her diy’s are always very inspiring!
    I really like ‘in the spotlight’!

  • Pj

    Beautiful girl, she pulls off the look wonderfully!

  • http://www.primadonnaville.blogspot.com prima.donna.ville

    I love her looks

    miss z

  • http://www.bikebythesea.com/ Christa

    Stunning. Want a faux fur hat for cycling.

  • http://boudoirdelamode.wordpress.com Boudoir de la Mode

    Karen makes my heart stops!!!








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