KAREN LIANG | Citizen Couture

KAREN LIANG | Citizen Couture

KAREN LIANG | Citizen Couture

KAREN LIANG | Citizen Couture

KAREN LIANG | Citizen Couture

With the weather getting much colder and daytime lasting shorter in NYC, I find it more difficult to consistently find “street-style” photos, which is also why you will frequently see more Spotlight features. Most of the time, I believe great style is not always found on the streets, but simply though networking and connecting with people/bloggers that may have most of their time consumed by their profession or business.

Karen and I previously worked together while I was at the accounting firm and I fully understand how most of her time is committed behind the desk. Karen also happens to be the first to introduce me to the fashion blogosphere, which I am truly thankful for. It was after she sent me numerous links to random blogs that I fell into the immense world that I sometimes find myself digging deeper and deeper into. And while many have a pre-conceived notion of how accountants are dressed, I always found that her style – even in an office environment – stood out among others.

Karen Liang
Tax Consultant

-Harputs OWN Swacket Coat
-Steve Madden Ankle Boots
-Alviero Martini Clutch
-H&M White Button-down Shirt
-H&M Scarf (worn as vest)
-H&M Faux Fur Circle Scarf

  • http://cecylia.com Cecylia

    Great shoes- Love the colour! I love the cape/jacket

  • http://photodiarist.typepad.com/thephotodiarist/ The Photodiarist

    I am in love with her jacket!

  • http://beautyestdiverse.blogspot.com Tiffany


  • Mikey McFly

    Great composition


  • Denmark

    My wife looks amazing in these photos – you did great Jason!

    I especially love the third photo from the top.

    Denmark Francisco

  • Denver

    Awesome photographs!

  • http://www.chicfeed.com/ v

    absolutely adorable.


  • http://www.chicfeed.com/ v

    i adore this jacket and the model is gorgeous!


  • http://apparellel.com apparellel

    i love your spotlight shoots. you are a brilliant photographer. it is so great that you are following your passion.

  • http://backseatstylers.blogspot.com/ The Backseat Stylers

    I didn’t realize you were a fellow accountant-turned-blogger! I’m not at a firm anymore either, but you never quite forget what it was like. Great work on the photos, as usual.

  • Jessica

    I love looking at all of the details of her outfit: the fur collar, the pattern on her scarf, the shape of her jacket, the torn knee in her jeans, and those red boots!

  • http://thefashionphony.wordpress.com/ the fashionphony

    I love the cape and the fur collar, the combination of those makes a great shape. And the magenda shoes are the point of the look.

  • http://www.theheartbreakinc.blogspot.com Connie

    You always take the most beautiful photos. I love her hot pink Steve Madden boots. Great look.

    The Heartbreak

  • http://sothankfulproject.blogspot.com/ Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl

    Definately not your usual accountant! She’s beautiful.

  • http://thischicksgotstyle.blogspot.com this chick’s got style

    What a beautiful woman :)

  • http://delilahwinterwolf.blogspot.com Delilah Winter Wolf

    i like her style :) and very good pictures!!

  • deka

    i have a swacket and i LOVE it!
    i’m lucky that harputs union square is just down the street from me :)

  • http://sergriva.blogspot.com serg riva

    nice site, great post.

  • jesse

    I love her jacket! great photos

  • http://www.thenatwalk.blogspot.com Tasha Gregson

    These shots are stunning. You are a great photographer with talent.The shots really draw me in :)


  • http://www.primadonnaville.blogspot.com prima.donna.ville

    she has really cute style…love the fur!!!

    miss z

  • http://www.saintandlibertine.com Vero

    Great shoes! (Though, they’re by my arch nemesis, haha!)

    I heart the contrasting textures of her outfit.

    Awesome Prorsum!

  • http://www.stuffboyslike.com flora

    Yay Jason! So cool you featured someone from the accounting world. See, accountants can be super stylish too :)

  • http://cafefashionista.blogspot.com Cafe Fashionista

    This is just an amazing collection of photographs. Karen’s style is phenomenal – I love the tiny pops of color which sporadically appear in her ensemble. You are an amazing photographer!! :)








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