SPOTLIGHT: REBECCA | Citizen Couture

SPOTLIGHT: REBECCA | Citizen Couture

SPOTLIGHT: REBECCA | Citizen Couture

SPOTLIGHT: REBECCA | Citizen Couture

SPOTLIGHT: REBECCA | Citizen Couture

The most difficult part about taking photos in the winter is dealing with the insufferably frigid weather. New York City experienced some intolerable temperatures in the last few days, which prompted me to think where to take Spotlight features. Other than effectively using strobe lights, finding indoor locations with interesting backdrop and an abundance of natural light is just as difficult. But when Rebecca of Fashion She Says suggested the MET Museum, I thought to myself that it simply might work!

As a fellow native New Yorker, Rebecca has a unique style that is defined by her extensive collection of vintage clothing. While her style is unabashedly girlie, I find that she also exhibits an eclectic balance of beautiful vintage pieces with modern sophistication. Her taste is undoubtedly an inspiration from her style icons circa 1960 such as Jean Shrimpton, Jane Birkin, and on-screen character Penny Lane from “Almost Famous”, played by Kate Hudson. And while there were many defining moments that developed Rebecca’s aesthetics and sartorial preferences, what I love about her is that she dresses to live and value clothes as a mode of self-expression.

Fashion Blogger

-Vintage Suede Coat
-Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater
-3.1 Phillip Lim Feather Skirt
-Loeffler Randall Leather Boots
-Chloé bag

  • Karen

    Bravo! I love the Prada-esque photos… Indeed you have succesfully captured the essence of peace/love 60th’s spirit. Love!

  • Le 21ème

    She is AMAZING! WOW! So pretty!

  • Annka

    her coat is amazing and you’re so damn right, it’s too cold for anything fashionable at the moment in Gemany aswell…

  • Marisa

    Wow I love these photos, so beautiful. That skirt is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love the bag too!



    Like a young Jane Usher when she dated Paul McCartney in the 60s.

  • Tiffany

    That purple bag is fab.

  • Angela

    The vintage suede coat and feather skirt are both amazing and I love them..

  • Lolitta

    Love the style! I have that same coat in grey..

  • juley

    She’s so beautiful! And that bag – TD4.

  • Cecylia

    I want that purple Chloe bag!

  • Karen

    She’s gorge!! I must have tried on 38,000 of those coats and not ONE has fit me right yet.

    I won’t give up. Hers is TDF. Checking her blog now : ) Love finding fellow bloggers in NY.

    Karen x

  • Bebe

    beautiful photos!

  • Francesca

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. the red lips are great.

    F <– 2 girls bloggin fashion from NYC and CHICAGO!!

  • Bill W

    simply FABULOUS.that is one hot neice of mine! AND the clothes to boot!

  • Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

    That bag is to die for.

  • richlilpoorgirl

    These are amazing! Always loved those Loeffler Randall boots, the “Matilde” I believe.


    In this post, I can truly appreciate the little details — The necklaces exquisite looking, and the red lips mesmerizing.


  • Emily

    she is stunning and her outfits are equally incredible!! how do you find/meet such fascinating people?


  • apparellel

    killing it with the amazing photos, as always!

  • Connie

    I absolutely love her Chloe bag. So gorgeous!

    The Heartbreak

  • ej jung

    i’m in love w the second pic! so beautiful jason!!

  • Autour de toi

    We love the first and the second picture. So beautiful shoots.

  • melissa
  • Veronica

    I love this!!!!


  • Terri

    so much love for the penny lane esque coat.

  • l’habitué

    Love that Chloe bag! I have never seen it it that color, it’s exquisite.

  • Kirafashion

    she is a doll, love her intense make-up

  • Nata

    Her style is contemporary, yet authentically warm and cohesive.

  • misslikey

    awfully awesome bohemian glance…love her coat and chloe’s sally








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