KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

KELLY FRAMEL | Citizen Couture

“My parents always discouraged us from buying into the ‘trendy’ looks that the mall was pushing. No Abercrombie allowed in our house! I remember my mom taking me into Goodwill when I was very young. She made it a game ~ here’s $10, see what you can put together with that. From then on I was hooked to the thrill of the chase!” – Kelly Framel on vintage clothing for Dujour Magazine

NY Fashion Week is closely arriving and I’m also excited that I will be going to Paris for the first time! I’ve never traveled internationally alone and what concerns me is navigating around Paris because I don’t speak one word of French. However, it should be a fairly interesting trip where I hope to split part of my time touring the city and participating in random food excursions. I must thank Kelly for informing me of a great website that listed vacation rentals because I originally felt distressed searching for affordable lodging in the heart of Paris. I had been following Kelly’s blog, The Glamourai, for some time and I remember being tantalized by her style consisting of various shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. While she embraces different pieces effortlessly, I also find that she possess an amazing talent for creating beautiful self-designed jewelry – both of which are something worth checking out.

Kelly Framel
Fashion Blogger/Stylist/Designer

-Rachel Roy Transformer Coat
-Vintage Jacket
-Forever 21 Skirt
-Pura Lopez Boots
-Urban Outfitters Hat
-Aldo Gloves

  • Delia

    Nice Pura Lopez¡¡¡¡
    Nice pics¡

  • the style crusader

    she is incredible. i love the way she puts together an outfit. the colours in these photos are so great. i love the third one where the colours of the building behind her is sort of picking put the purple shades in her hat, shoes, and skirt. so beautiful. paris sounds amazing. i am sure once you get there it will all flow really naturally and you’ll be just fine. xx

  • RQ Bella

    The Glamourai! She is rapidly becoming one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Her style is really rich, so much style, color and full of life. Great photos of her by the way. Have fun in Paris!

  • Citizen Rosebud

    Great shots of a great beauty. She is most definitely the freshest style out there, and number one on my list of style bloggers. Bon voyage by the way. Looking forward to your Paris shots.

  • Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

    What wonderful photos!

  • Eric

    things to remember,

    ou est le… (oo eh luh)
    where is the…

    s’il vous plait (see voo play)

    merci (mare see)
    thank you

    bonjour (the “n” is soft but sounds like it looks)
    hello/good morning

    au revoir (oh vwah) (don’t pronounce the “re”)

    cafe au lait (ka fay oh lay)
    basically a latte

    alot of english words stem from french anyway so you’ll be surprised how often just saying the english word is understood.

    also, in my experience, many people spoke english with no trouble so you should be fine. you might want to consult one of those traveler’s language guides. they aren’t perfect but they’re better than nothing.

    have a great time in paris! take lots of pictures.

    oh and the photos look great. good positioning and use of the back ground to draw the eye in. kelly is gorgeous.

  • Coco Zaahb

    I love her and i love her style
    Great post!

  • Emily

    She has stunning eyes! And her outfit is simply fabulous


  • The Photodiarist

    Some of your best photography yet!

  • Le 21ème

    Love her! Love the high-line just as much!

  • thetragicallychic

    you’ve got awesome photos!

    and a very interesting blog layout. nice! =)

  • melissa

    WOW! Great outfit! Love her style!

  • diane

    Hy, thanks for visiting my page, I love your blog here!!


  • Caroline

    Great shoot! I love her outfit…


  • samira

    I love Kelly and her style!! great photos!

  • The Zhush

    Great shoot! Each and every one a home run winner. The light is perfection. She reminds me of a young Isabella Rosellini. Enjoy Paris. Off to check out her site as well, thanks for the intro.

  • williamswest

    I absolutely love her! and her haircut is too cute!

  • Islandia

    Love her style! And what a great statement from her about growing up.

  • fashion’sdirtylaundry

    Great shoot from the high line!

  • jill

    She’s fabulous, & I love her mom’s philosophy. What a great start for a style icon’s life! I didn’t know her blog, will definitely check it out. Absolutely beautiful photo shoot, Jason.

    So you’re off to Paris! Have a wonderful time. I was thinking of going, but saving my energy for London Fashion Week. If there’s any chance you’re going to London, too, I’d love to meet. Just let me know.

    I love your photography & blog. You just get better & better. I’d love to do a street style guest swap NY/LON thing sometime!

    jill @

  • Kat

    I love this girl! Really liking all the luxe materials – silk, satin, suede… Beautifully pulled together by the magenta colour. Gorgeous!

    New Zealand style


    Amazing photos!
    I love her style!

  • Amy Jean

    Nice work! who’s the designer for them glasses? so funky. i like =)

  • Khatu

    I love her blog. Her style is like what you said, effortless.

  • Veronica

    I love the sunglasses! Well put together!


  • Isabel

    Wow, those eyes!

    Love the light in the photo of her balancing on the beam… this is what makes your photos special!

  • Fashion CHALET

    She remind me a little of Jessica Stroup (9021) what beautiful eyes! :)


  • Sarah

    ahh! i adore her socks! the whole ensemble is quite rich.

  • Jesse Turek

    Stunning shots! She has great style as well. Nice job.

  • Leia


  • Mabel and Zora

    Great outfit.

  • FlashFash

    Beautiful photos.

  • loresfashion

    this is such a great outfit!

  • Vicky

    these are really great shots!








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