Karl-Edwin Guerre: Swagger 360

Karl-Edwin Guerre: Swagger 360

Karl-Edwin Guerre: Swagger 360

Karl-Edwin Guerre: Swagger 360

I find that Karl dresses impeccably well on any given day that it’s difficult to expect less from him even when it’s snowing! His style is as consistent as his gentlemen qualities, which are extraordinary traits that make him a lovable person to photograph and converse with. During my trip to Paris, I had the pleasure of knowing Karl better and learned about his fluency in French, which proved to be quite useful getting around the city when mine was limited to “bonjour” and “merci”.

Karl-Edwin Guerre

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  1. So excited when I saw Guerre was being featured. Have seen his style on other blogs, and his aesthetic on his blog. He just sounds so cool! Your photos do not disappoint. Especially the first.
    Thank you!

  2. Great to see a stylish guy featured here, we need more!! – I know plenty of guys who would really appreciate the inspiration. The photos have really captured his look.

  3. He’s great but I can’t get over those boots in the last picture. those boots don’t look good on anyone, tbh

  4. Hey Guerre

    You better be reading this ; – ) It’s about bloody time Jason got pics of you on here.

    Your photography is amazing (esp with your new toy!) but your sense of style is unmistakably you and you never fail to amaze me whenever we meet. Yes I said amaze.

    Take care and I too love hearing you speak French. Even though I have no idea wtf you are saying.

    Love you!

    Karen x

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