LUCRECIA CHAN | Citizen Couture

LUCRECIA CHAN | Citizen Couture

I remember coming across Lucrecia’s blog and reading a post about her diagnosis with astrocytoma brain cancer where I immediately started tearing up halfway through the entry. It may sound absurd when I didn’t know her at that time, but I felt a connection with some of her thoughts and initial frustration. I don’t usually disclose the details of my diagnosis with juvenile glaucoma, but I can admit the journey was difficult with endless doctor appointments, severe side effects from medication, lost of self-confidence, anger, and fear of the unknown. There were so many mix emotions that it became mentally exhausting while having to juggle with graduating college and working at a investment bank. But just like Lucrecia, reality sunk in and understanding that I had to deal with it whether I like it or not. It was almost like making peace with myself, and the world that surrounded me became more beautiful afterwards.

I decided to contact Lucrecia to tell her how brave and inspirational she was, inviting her for coffee if she ever decides to visit NYC. We ended up meeting on several occasions and I was glad to learn how genuine her personality is. I also find it inspiring that while undergoing treatment, she still has a positive attitude to continue blogging about her love for fashion and lifestyle, not to mention preparing the launch of her online store!

Lucrecia Chan
Fashion Blogger

-Elizabeth and James Dress
-Prada Shoes
-J-Crew Headband
-Banana Republic Bag

  • Valentin

    Although it is sad, it´s something which can de recognised by too many people. You are example of persons who don´t give up, you are actually facing this world. I think your attitude towards life is incredible and it´s an example for most of us.

    And right now I´m going to visit your blog.

  • mo
  • style-haus

    thank you for this post and for sharing your own story. your positive approach to life is inspiring…

    lucrecia looks amazing and love this look!

  • melissa

    What a elegant girl! Adorable dress! <3

  • modediktat

    Dearest Jason,
    it’s been a long time since I’ve left a comment on your fabulous blog, you very talented man!

    I absolutely love your pictures, you know I’m a fan, right? And even if I’m watching and visiting your blog quietly without a sign like a comment I’m still there following.
    I was so happy when I’ve recognized the name LUCRECIA CHAN on your Twitter :)

    And once again your pictures proved it best:
    You show not only the beautiful outer side – you are very, very talented to show also the beautiful inside of people same time.
    I would call it a true gift.

    Because of that I wasn’t able to wait and see your picture of Lucrecia!

    Especially the first pic is amazing.
    It’s nothing more, nothing less than perfect.

    The perfect picture.

    Lucrecia is one of the most amazing girls I came across in blogosphere in all the years.
    I’m very happy and very thankful to have met her as she is a lasting inspiration. Also when she is down. I admire her straightness. Her truthfulness and her greatness very much. And of course her wonderful sense for fashion and style.

    She’s just huge in every aspect.

  • Melanie

    She’s beautiful! It’s a horrible thing to be given a diagnosis like that. I can’t relate to it, so I can’t even begin to understand, but hearing stories like yours and hers is inspiring!

  • Kelly

    Very touching story! She looks fabulous, great photos!

    <3 Kelly

  • FashionLifeCoach

    I admit she has a special aura around herself, but I am not a big fan of her dress. The top part does not look very charming, the fit could be better.

  • citizencouture

    @A Girl, A Style – Sure! Thanks for the add! :)

    @modedikat – Thank you! It sure has been a while and I hope everything is going well for you and your business!

  • chanel earrings

    She looks great and what a pretty hairdo

  • chanel earrings

    Because of that I wasn’t able to wait and see your picture of Lucrecia!

  • chanel earrings

    It’s a horrible thing to be given a diagnosis like that.








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