MIMI JUNG | Citizen Couture

MIMI JUNG | Citizen Couture

It was funny meeting Mimi for the first time because she felt that we might’ve met somewhere before. We started tracing back to possible mutual friends and the schools we went to see if there were any connections, but nothing. Then I get a tweet from her a few days later telling me the reason why I looked familiar was because of my resemblance with Alex Wong from the current season of “So You Think You Can Dance”. I get the “you look like someone I know” fairly often, but the most interesting one may have been my roommate’s brother claiming that I look like the Asian version of the R&B singer, Ne-Yo.

Besides the funny moments, I was initially struck by the jewelry she adorned from the neck down. She designed the piece under her jewelry collection “surrounded”, which recently debuted on June 20, 2010. It was inspired by a set of rare one-of-a-kind agate stone that she discovered during a recent trip to Hong Kong while lost in the Wan Chai district. The collection certainly looks very promising and I’m very excited to see this new designer go underway as she will continue to introduce various collections reflecting her ever-evolving personal style.

Mimi Jung
Fashion Designer/ Stylist/ Blogger

-New York & Company Dress
-Uniqlo Cardigan
-Joe’s Jeans Shoes
-Balenciaga Bag
-YSL / Saint Laurent Sunglasses
-Brook & Lyn “Surrounded” Body Jade Necklace

  • http://lhabitue.blogspot.com/ l’habitué

    Wow, that piece of jewellery is amazing!
    Truly original! Hope she has lots of success.
    Off to her website now!
    Take care!


  • http://cecylia.com Cecylia

    I want her necklace!

  • http://www.abitoffashion.com melissa

    this is the perfect look, love everything! wow!


  • http://photodiarist.typepad.com The Photodiarist

    That belt/necklace thing is truly awesome!!! Creative and original as ever!


  • http://fashionchalet.blogspot.com Fashion CHALET

    Love the dress and shoes!!!

    Hope all is well in the City. ;)

    xx fashion chalet

  • http://www.flor-eme.blogspot.com Flor

    That necklace is stunning! Really original, and I ABSOLUTELY love the colors.
    I love Citizen Couture..Really beautiful photos, different and originals looks to see every day.

  • http://tovogueorbust.blogspot.com/ Alexandra G.

    That necklace is one of the most amazing accessories I’ve ever seen…I love this girl’s look, she’s beautiful and classy.


  • http://it-stylist.blogspot.com Z R R N

    She is so stylish.
    I love her blog,style and she has an infectious bubbly spirit…


  • http://brookandlyn.com Mimi

    Thanks for taking the time to photograph me. I had such a good time with everyone that day, ended way too soon. BTW Alex from “so you think you can dance” is the best dancer by far so be proud! Why I watch that show is whole other story…

  • http://clarkmurdock.blogspot.com Melanie

    I love her entire outfit, expecially that necklace! I have never before seen a piece like that, it’s stunning.

  • http://cloudships.blogspot.com Esther

    i love that self-designed jewellery. it’s like those body chains that’re so popular now but more classic with rope & jewels. amazing <3

  • http://thebeautyfile.blogspot.com thebeautyfile

    I was so struck by her entire look, I ran over to her website…I’m doing a post about her and her amazing pieces today!

  • http://www.citizette.com lizzy

    In the words of Rachel Zoe “I diiiiiieeee”. That necklace is on my most wanted list NOW.


  • http://emilyviveur.blogspot.com emily

    beautiful photos, and the body necklace is simply stunning. i love the originality.

  • http://www.beso.com Dana

    The necklace is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing, I am excited to visit her site and see her entire collection.

  • http://amaturecouture.com/ mara

    this is really sweet. it would be my coffeshop/boating outfit xxx


  • http://www.lemodedujour.com Nicole

    I love how that jade necklace literally embodies her. Her bag is beautiful too; great colour and has that lovely worn-in look about it.

    It’s funny that you’re told that you look like Alex Wong because he’s a friend of a friend’s brother. Amazing dancer who was doing really well on the show before his injury, so definitely take that as a compliment!








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