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I read that Paris is also known as the City of Light because it was the first European city to illuminate their streets at night with gas lamps. However, I had a very different mindset when I first arrived to Paris and witnessed the beautiful sunlight while walking around Place de la Concorde on a breezy evening. It almost felt surreal to be in New York City one day and then standing on the Port Alexandre III bridge, admiring the Seine River the next day.

Starting Citizen Couture was indubitably the best thing that I could’ve done, being able to meet so many amazing people during my journey and always curious who I’d meet the next day. But while I love photographing fashion, one thing I’ve learn is the difficulty in making such a huge leap from accounting to fashion, especially having to sacrifice so much. I’m not referring to giving up luxury goods or earning six-figure salaries, but affording necessities such as health insurance, rent, and food. It’s especially difficult for me because staying mentally strong for someone who underwent glaucoma surgery and living partially blind is important. I can still do everything normally, but I’ve missed so many important doctors’ appointment that I’m starting to worry how susceptible I am if something does really happen.

It’s certainly in my best interest to continue with Citizen Couture and I still plan to go forth with Fashion Week this September for New York, London, Milan, and Paris, among other events. But I currently need to reassess my situation and find something that meets these necessities before I can pursue my goal on a larger scale. I will definitely still update, but it may not be as often so I hope you understand my situation.

  • l’habitué

    BEAUTIFUL picture! Congratulations!

  • Alicja

    I follow your site for a while and always wait for the next beautiful photos unveiling world of fashion. Wish you all the best :)

  • Sasha

    I understand completely. I wish you all the best and I will definitely be here when you update because I absolutely love your work and your eye for good fashion.

  • Le 21ème

    Best city in the world!

  • Stephen

    I truly enjoy & appreciate your work and I wish you all the strength, good health & success with continuing this blog. Many times we have to sacrifice a lot to truly enjoy our passions in life. Keep shouldering on; stay strong & positive. Wishing you all the best. ;-)

  • bargain bex

    i completely understand your stance and where you are coming from and can only wish you the best of luck in all you pursue and I have no doubt that you will do great and beautiful things in the world … wherever it may be :)

  • state of sunday

    completely understandable! i think its about finding balance… wish you all the best and hoping to see more of your great work soon! just remember that a million doors will be closed before one good one will be open.. keep on keeping on x

  • melissa

    wonderful pic! Love Paris so much!

  • Davidikus

    Nice picture. Congratulations on what you have achieved with this blog. Don’t be too worried about the future – don’t let the worry prevent you from doing what you want to do. Just move somewhere health insurance is free (England) or compulsory (France)!

  • CopiousCouture

    This picture is gorgeous!!!! I have never been to Paris and desperately want to go!!!!


  • Songya

    It’s so touching to read raw honestly like you’ve shown here. Jumping into fashion is very difficult, but you’re doing an amazing job! Best of luck & I hope you stay healthy and well so the world may continue to enjoy your work. :)


  • Indigo Iris

    what a beauty! i miss the place.

  • Martini

    There are so many sacrifices we have to make to follow our dreams. You’re pictures and content are wonderful, and while I will miss more posts from you, I think in the end, your health and well-being is more important than what you share with us.

  • Neha

    you are so incredibly talented, what a lovely photo. I truly miss living in Paris so much now! Thank you for this shot :)

  • Lily Irwin

    What an enchanting shot, the light in this image is simply magical.

    I admire you for how you sacrificed everything to pursue your dream, you have an incredible talent. I’ve been following your blog since last year and always find inspiration from the pictures you take.

    I will miss your posts but I think it’s more important at this moment that you focus on your health and anything else you need to give attention to in your life.

    Look forward to your return.









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