JAZZ LAWN PARTY | Citizen Couture

JAZZ LAWN PARTY | Citizen Couture

JAZZ LAWN PARTY | Citizen Couture

I can’t believe the next Jazz Lawn Party is coming up and I’m just posting these photos taken back from July. These are some of my favorite photos that I randomly shot during the event. I still have old photos taken back from Fall/Winter 2010 shows that I need to edit and post before the Spring/Summer 2011 starts because I need to clear out space on my laptop. I understand it may be odd posting up winter style in the middle of summer, but I really need organize my archives for the coming shows.

Besides spending much of my time working on the logistics for my trip to Fashion Week(s) abroad, I’ve been brainstorming on another extended project. When I meet and photograph all these amazing people, I tend to ask myself how I can potentially connect one person to another. This ultimately lead me to focus on establishing a unique invitation-only online community with hopes that it will translate to authentic connections within the creative and fashion community. Because of the complexities with the implementation and launch of an online community, I’m hoping to have something by the end of the year.

On another exciting note, I’m happy to announce that I’m currently in “talks” with a major fashion publication to cover New York Fashion Week. I don’t want to disclose any names until everything is confirmed, so I’m hoping everything gets settled soon!

1. Photo 1. Unidentified Photographer
2. Photo 2. Kristen Minksey
3. Photo 3. Heidi Rosenau & Joe McGlynn

  • http://cloudships.blogspot.com Esther

    hope you manage to snag that major fashion publication deal :) all the best!

  • Hazel

    I don’t really mind you posting some of your Fall/Winter 2010 shots seeing as fall is just around the corner! I look forward to learning what you have in mind for this “project” of yours & what this publication would be…hmm.. let me guess..vogue? GQ? I wouldn’t be surprised. You are an extremely talented street style photog! I’m a huge fan

  • http://kazucopy.wordpress.com Kazuko

    great shots as always!

    sounds very exciting. keep us posted. cross my fingers that all turns out well!

  • http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com Francesca

    great pic


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  • http://www.fashionlifecoach.com/ FashionLifeCoach

    It does not matter that they are out of context. The images are stunning and I just want to say: beam me back, Scotty.
    Nice idea with the fashion online community. Count me in.

  • http://www.thrifteye.blogspot.com eli

    I reeeeeeally wish I could participate in something like this. The parties from the Great Gatsby are one of my lifetime fantasies

  • http://lachicmenagerie.blogspot.com/ Stephanie

    so in love with the lace dress. although lace is springing up all over Thailand, I just haven’t seen any well structured, truly fashionable pieces.


  • http://www.citizette.com lizzy
  • Catherine

    great looks. Vintage and elegant. Appreciate the happy faces








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