BRICE PATTISON | Citizen Couture

BRICE PATTISON | Citizen Couture

I’m surprised I spent the entire day at the Jazz Lawn event and I didn’t spot Brice until the end when Voon was photographing him. Of course, I had to take his photo with his bicycle, which he built himself, and also learned that he previously designed for J.Crew. I kept the conversation short because I felt he was in a hurry to catch the ferry back to Manhattan, but we all ended up on the second to last ferry along with the jazz band. Not that it was planned, but it was nice bumping into him again and getting the opportunity to ask what he was wearing.

On a side note, if anyone enjoys the Jazz Lawn event, make sure you board the same ferry as the band. They have a habit of continuing the festivity everywhere they go, especially on the ferry ride back!

Brice Pattison
Fashion Designer

-Vintage Shirt
-Vintage Vest
-Vintage Shoes
-J. Crew Pants
-J. Crew Bow-tie

  • Voon

    Yes it was quite comical that Shirin ( and I were swarming and fawning over him and his great ensemble. Of course we’re happy to share in our great subject with you Jason :)

    This was just such a great look through and through. The velvety vest with the martini glasses is bold and has its own built-in sense of humor while the gorgeous bike and bowtie just ties it all together.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the modeling agencies start clamoring to sign him up just based on his classic good looks and immaculate personal style.

    If I may add, the details/personal touches on the bike were painted by his niece.

  • lizzy
  • Le 21ème

    Great photo! Love the red!

  • Z R R N

    I just love the colours,tones and framing in this image. Beautiful. Love the bike!

  • pink

    love his vest!!! so l;ively

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    if you like please follow me!! thankss

  • Conchi

    Is not fo my husband :) but I love this look.

  • Linda

    Are those martini glasses on his vest? So awesome

  • iamronel

    wow im just speechless on him


    everything on his outfit is great..i really likey








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