Designer Max Poglia has a unique vision for creating fine products. We met while I visited Alessandro Squarzi’s showroom in Milan and instantly took an interest in his beautiful handcraft knives, leather bags, and blankets. It wasn’t until I discovered that he’s NYC-based that we decided to meet over coffee and take a peek at his letter-print process. Not only does Max designs and produces his own line of products, but he is also responsible for creating letter designs and branding for restaurants like Buvette and Bedford Post Inn.
As a native to southern Brazil and raised with an Italian heritage, he draws his inspiration from his home. Then while on vacation in the South of Brazil, he began to create products that incorporate into his NYC lifestyle. These three products – the knife, leather bag, and blanket – ultimately create his idea of a stylish picnic.
My personal favorite is his Poglia knives. Each blade is hand-drawn and forged from repurposed steel, then finished with solid brass and material such as wood, horn, and bone. His blades are not stainless steel, which requires more care and maintenance, but each knife will age distinctively, giving them more character. It’s certainly something you would want to keep around for a lifetime.

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