Reece Solomon
Reece Solomon
Beautiful, smart, and talented – these are some ways I would describe Reece Solomon, the founder and designer behind Reece Hudson. In 2012, shortly after the brand was founded, Reece Hudson was selected by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to participate in the Fashion Incubator program, a business development program designed to support the next generation of fashion designers in New York City. As a graduate of the CFDA program, Reece has learned much about the business and as of today, has successfully placed her collection in various retailers worldwide including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, and United Arrows.
Reece wearing her Bowery Bucket Bag available at Bergdorf Goodman.
  • 1. I was previously in the accounting industry and people always ask me how I made my transition. I read that you originally studied Communications at Boston University. How did you alter your path into the fashion design industry? What was your biggest challenge during the transition?
  • Even when I was studying Communications I knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, and most likely would attend design school post college (which I did, at Parsons). Even prior to BU I had interned during the summer of my senior year of high school for Marie Claire Magazine, and during the summers while in college I continued my fashion experience, interning for Proenza Schouler. I also studied abroad in Paris during my junior year, half of which was spent interning for the French fashion magazine L’Officiel. When I graduated from BU and began my Associate Degree in Fashion Design at Parsons I continued interning for Proenza Schouler as well as Rag & Bone. I guess for me it never felt like a big transition other than the academic component. Studying draping and drawing and sewing was (thankfully) a vastly different experience than studying writing-heavy Communications.
  • 2. What was it like participating as a CFDA incuabtee? Was it a difficult process and what challenges did you overcome during the eligibility and admissions process?
  • Overall it was an amazing experience and I’m so thankful we were able to be a part of it. The admissions process was difficult only from the fact that it forced you to really examine and synthesize where you’re at as a company, your financials, and what areas have major room for improvement. But those are ongoing questions and analyzing that I don’t think ever stops as you grow, it just becomes more complex. But we were given access to incredible and highly respected industry mentors to help us address all our various concerns and obstacles, and we also were able to develop great camaraderie with other young designers. It’s really invaluable to build a sense of community in this industry with other people going through the same ups and downs of this business as yourself.
  • 3. Now that you have completed the Incubator program and moved into a new office space, what are the next steps for you and your brand?
  • We are growing our team slowly and working on expanding our brand awareness on a global scale. We are also beginning to explore additional accessories categories to move into.
  • 4. What is the most valuable lesson you learned so far as a designer and business owner?
  • Problems don’t go away the more success you gain or the bigger the business grows, they just change.
  • 5. What were your memories of the first bag you purchased?
  • I remember being in 7th grade and my mom finally getting my this tiny grey satin Kate Spade handbag to wear to all the Bar and Bat-Mitvahs I had to attend that year. All my friends LOVED Kate Spade and it felt like my first “designer” item. I felt very cool wearing it.
  • 6. How would you describe your style?
  • Casual, eclectic, with modern 70s and grunge influences.
  • 7. What are some favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, vacation destinations that best describe your lifestyle?
  • The hotel Casa Magna in Tulum, Mexico is my new favorite vacation destination. I also love Barbados because I used to go there every year with my family growing up. In NYC some of the places I frequent include The Cleveland, The Smile, Cafe Gitane, Bar Pitti, The Bowery Hotel, and Cabin.
  • 8. What is your go-to bag when you’re rushing out the door?
  • Any of my Siren Backpacks. They hold a lot but are compact enough that I don’t feel weird wearing them at night.
  • 9. Finally, a quote that you live by.
  • Better to regret what you did than what you didn’t do.

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