Ruqayyah Alzona
She stood in the corner of the room in pensive solitude wearing a charcoal suit. I was at the Liberty Fair and as I gazed over I couldn’t keep my eyes off this intriguing subject – maybe it was the suit, her mysterious demeanor, or perhaps it was her hair – something she would describe as a “black sea of coarse waves and tiny curls”. I made my way over and briefly introduced myself, but it wasn’t until a year later that we met again where I was able to pick her brain about her work as an artist, how technology has affected creativity, and her next steps.


1. As an artist living in a society bounded by technology with little downtime, do you feel this decrease of freedom is killing our creativity? How do you find inspiration for your work while balancing many variables?
Technology has become completely integrated into most aspects of our lives at this point in time. Its further influence and dominance is inevitable, however I think the next step on our parts is finding the balance between our organic selves and the digital worlds we also participate with. As far as creativity goes, we have even more tools to expand our ideas because of technology, but inspiration can become saturated when there is an imbalance of media consumption. I try to tune out and give my self a few black-out hours a week. This means my smart phone goes on airplane mode and my computer takes a break too. Finding time for noticing the available nature around myself, and paying attention to my body through dance and movement help me go inwards and bring forth new ideas. Additionally, making something tangible, even is it’s a sketch or written thought process, has served as a valuable practice towards subsiding any mental blocks I might be experiencing at that time.
2. You are currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a focus in Media Theory and Film. What are your next steps after graduation?
I love to learn and I hope to continue my education. Before going into a post-grad program, I would like to spend time creating my own media outlets, writing my thoughts on contemporary media theory, exploring natural healing methods, and offering my personalized movement meditation practice to the public.



3. You recently released a web show/mockumentary called Brother Husbands, a reality web series that revolves around Sage, her three husbands, and their triplets who are trying to find balance in their modern polyamorous lifestyle. How did you come up with the concept?
I was always fascinated with the concept of religious polyamory, particularly from an Islamic context, which I grew up witnessing in my community. In most religious polyamorous relationships the man may have multiple wives, leaving the woman to share one man with multiple women. The justification for the woman not having the choice of many husbands was due to the issue of identifying paternity once a child was born. I would grow up debating this unbalanced lifestyle with others in my community who agreed with the practice and a common remark I would hear was, “a child will always know who their mother is, but if there are many men how would the child know their father?” First I thought, well there are paternity tests in this day and age, but then I thought, who cares who the father is? What does blood have to do with family? I think the next shift into the future of a world void of the dominant patriarchal culture; will be the reconfiguration of the family, and the expectation of the family unit. Brother Husbands is a comedic approach to my vision of one of the many possibilities of the future family.
4. Any projects that you’re currently working on or plan to?
There are a few, in short I’m creating content for the world I want to live in, imagine, and escape to. I imagine a reality of complete inclusivity, and intention of unity for all of us, human, plant, animal and other.
5. Ok, now on to a more fun question – any favorite hangout spots?
My room, haha. New York is lovely, but I crave nature. I’m from Miami originally and tropical environments stimulate me more than any other.