I had the chance to play around with my Contax T3 in June. I love how compact it is, but I’m still getting a feel of the features, functions, small ticks, and its potential under different lighting situations. I have a habit of shooting conservatively with film due to the higher cost, but I’m learning to be less conscience about it. Sometimes shooting in film takes more thought due to considerations for ambient light, focus points, inconsistent exposure (in background and foreground), proper exposure readings, and flash settings. But when I think about it in comparison, the cost of film and film processing is significantly less in the States than other countries. When I was in Sydney, a 36-exposure roll of Kodak Portra was around $30!! That’s over three times as much as what I pay for in New York City. Also, I love the exciting feeling of going to the film laboratory to pick up my photos, flipping through them several times, and reminiscing the moments.

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