Marie Myrhøj Jensen at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015


Frame 1, 2: Vintage/Secondhand Top Baum und Pferdgarten Skirt Vagabond Shoes Love Moschino Backpack Frame 3: Vintage Kimono Nike Black Crop Top Weekday Jeans Vintage/Secondhand Bag Vagabond Shoes Frame 4: Vintage/Secondhand Stripe Shirt Weekday Trousers Vintage/Secondhand Bag Vagabond Sandals Frame 6: Zara White Crop Top Astrid Andersen x Topshop Shorts Vagabond Sandals Frame 7: Baum und Pferdgarten Yellow Houndstooth Skirt …


It’s sad to say that my Yashica film camera was stolen in Sydney for fashion week, so this would be my last “Yashica” post. I had a great run with it, but maybe it was a sign for me to move on to something better. I love how practical the Yashica was and how the plastic casing allowed me to …

Valentina Ilardi Martin at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011


I photographed Valentina a few times over the year and it usually starts with me signaling permission to shoot, followed by a little nod of her head for acknowledgement. No words spoken again, but simply a gaze under the broken shadows of her hat that intensifies the mysterious aura and style that consistently intrigues me. Yohji Yamamoto Hat


Ruby was the first person that I photographed during London Fashion Week and I really love how attentive she was even after getting stopped by several others. I typically feel that I need to get my shots right in a minute or less, but I learned in a day that the pace is much more relaxed compared to New York …